Pale Blue Ark

Our purpose is to spread awareness about environmental and social concerns. Issues we all share as passengers on the Ark. Being informed and prepared is important.

The background video is a composite of images taken January 15, 2017 and was created using several of the 16 spectral channels available on the GOES-16 Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) instrument.
Complements of NOAA and sped up by 100%.

About Pale Blue Ark

The goal of this website is to provide links to real common sense information concerning the environment. Information that we all can do to help keep the Ark ship shape. We are all connected, we are all the same family. All life on the planet shares common roots and we all need to respect each other and work for the common good.

But more importantly - do what you can to care for the environment and our future.

This site is an ongoing work. If you feel inclinded to help there are things you can do. Send ideas for additions to the site. See contact information below. Monetary support. I'm not doing this for financial gain but it does cost to keep the site up. If interested send an email and I will provide options you can use to donate.

Contact information

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Send any content additions you think would help. We'll review it and if applicable will publish it here.

Stay tuned and share the link to the site. THANK YOU!